Why Truelli

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Factors :

Menstrual Cycle is heavily influenced by a woman’s diet & stress Level; this makes it super hard to track!

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Concern :

Even when regular, you can never know when exactly will your menstrual cycle kick in!

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Confusion :

Sensation you get from vaginal excretions is equivalent to Menstrual cycle starting. This causes a great deal of confusion & multiple “False Alarms”!

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Common Behaviour :

Prior to period starting, you tend to go “Check for it” multiple times until you get it right! This causes an unimaginable amount of Stress... believe me I know!

Introducing Truelli

Truelli technology is based on a novel organic compound designed to purely react with the first drop of blood and within 30 seconds drop the surrounding temperature enough for the user to feel a chill, thus alerting them from the presence of blood.

The compound was injected into women's daily use panty-liners to serve as World's 1st menstrual cycle detection and alert liner!

Our Story

It was 3 am when I suddenly woke up to the feeling that we all girls know so well! Yes, the feeling that my monthly curse has arrived!

I rush to the bathroom and bump into my sister's bed on the way. She wakes up and asks why i'm up, to which I angrily reply "Why do you think?!", I get a "Lol" and she goes back to sleep. I lump to the bathroom and check and guess what...it was a False Alarm!

I was so sure it came, but I was wrong for like the 20th time that day! I get out of the bathroom filled with rage and I think "When will it come?! When?! Just come damn it!!" Before I head back to bed I think, "What if there was a thing that could tell me my period has arrived?! Maybe a message on my phone after a chip in my liner detects blood? ... mm ... electronics in my private place, I think Not! ... So maybe something organic?"

I stayed up all night reading about organic compounds and different chemical reactions. Before I knew it, it was 8 am and I had the concept of Truelli written down.

Its been a year and half since that night and now my Truelli organic compound is in my hands and better yet...the damn thing works!!!

Meet Our Team

When innovation meets experience, dreams manifest to reality !

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BA in Energy Engineering from GJU and Master’s in Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) from ENAC. Owner of multiple patents that range from drones, cookware, biotech, airport navigation mobile application and sales point software.

Sabine Zureikat


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Degrees from Sofia University in Biochemistry, Organic Synthesis, Nuclear chemistry, Engineering, and more than 9 years of significant freelancing, lab, research and manufacturing experience.

Delyan Zhekov


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Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Nabta Health and a Scientific Adviser for Tarian Biotechnology Limited. Biomedical scientist with a strong translational medicine and R&D background across academia and industry.

Saba Alzabin


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BA in Dental Surgery from the University of Jordan. Laith is a Technologist, Entrepreneur and a Venture Capitalist, who enjoys working closely with developers and designers on solving product challenges.

Laith Zraikat


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