What is Truelli ?

A panty-liner that can detect your menstrual cycle starting and alert you via a cooling sensation

How it Works

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Wear It Like Any Liner !

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Do You Feel Coldness Down There ?

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That's Truelli Telling You
"Your Period is Here !"

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Watch It Work !

How We’re Different

Truelli panty-liner may look like any panty-liner, but it’s really Not!
What lies beneath is where all the magic starts.


Our Products

We provide a liner for your every need. Truelli panty-liner comes as:

  • Regular
  • Thong
  • Micro

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Yes! Truelli is 100% organic.

Unless you're allergic to pure cotton and organic material, no chance! Aside from feeling a bit of coldness to alert you of your period arrival, you will not suffer from any side effects.

Once Truelli is exposed to blood, it will take it 30 seconds to start cooling.

After several trials, we found that gradually dropping liner's temperature 5-13°C is optimal to alert the user without causing any discomfort.

Yes! With each Truelli box, we provide one test liner that is designed to react with water. Just wear the test liner and place 3- 4 drops of water on it. Have a seat and get a sense of how it will feel like.

To accommodate users with congenital insensitivity to coldness, we have plans to launch liners with different coldness degrees at some point.

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